Download Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Days

The last Island of Survival Unknown 15 days is a multiplayer survival sandbox mobile game that is packed with action and adrenaline. On this remote and post-apocalyptic island, your only goal is to survive. And there is a lot of threats, that will try to stop you from achieving this goal!

last island of survival

From hunger and dehydration to dangerous wildlife, opportunistic players, and other mysterious dangers. You will need to gather resources, build your own bases, craft various handmade weapons, and ensure that nobody’s going to steal your hard-earned loot.

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In this online survival mobile game only you can choose the way you play. Find trustworthy teammates and build a clan that will dominate the island, or be a loner, who’s name will terrify the island’s netizens. Make new friends and enemies. Build sky high fortresses or blow up your enemies with explosives and raid their homes. Only you decide what to do.

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